Mostbet casino review for Pakistani players

On the internet, you frequently come across many casino websites. These casino websites may be familiar, but most have operated in other regions. For instance, one of these sports betting providers is known as Mostbet. Mostbet has been one of Europe's most popular betting sites before finally entering Pakistan.

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2009 marked the beginning of operations for the company, which may now operate thanks legally to a license from the Curacao Gaming Authority. The company behind Mostbet is called Starbet NV. This casino operator markets a variety of online casinos and sports betting providers throughout Europe. In this post, we address and answer all these questions about Mostbet in depth.

Mostbet Betting Offers


The wagering offer available at Mostbet does not surprise us, and it is, in fact, entirely in line with what one should anticipate from a modern-day casino platform.

There are approximately 20 different sports that have betting markets accessible to choose from in total. As expected, the most popular sports include football, tennis, and other ball and team sports. Considering the demands placed by Pakistani players, we have investigated each of the primary betting markets in greater detail.

When it comes to the football market, for instance, bets can be placed on anything from the first to the third Bundesliga. With an expected depth of offering, Mostbet is ahead of the dominant players in the market. On the other hand, what stands out the most about Mostbet are the potential additional bets for each particular game and match. You will have up to 600 betting possibilities for the most critical games in the First Bundesliga or any other top European leagues, which is fantastic. Unfortunately, the quantity of bets and the variety available bets are not quite as extensive for less popular sports. Here, Mostbet places a greater emphasis on traditional two-way and three-way bets, and as a result, the bookmaker can incorporate a greater number of sports into its betting offer.

On the other hand, it is essential to highlight that Mostbet Pakistan has been much more present in the eSports industry for some time now. In addition to the fact that game titles such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and League of Legends are a permanent component of the bookmaker site, a dedicated eSports section has also been developed. You can employ various cutting-edge betting methods for each unique live event. In addition to the many different game titles and visually appealing graphics, this section also allows you to gamble on various live events. Even while the present eSports betting offer is not yet capable of competing with the industry leaders in Asia and Pakistan, the trend is moving in the right direction, which gives promise for the next months. ESports fans should pay close attention to how Mostbet continues to develop.

💎 Name Mostbet
🏢 Owner Starbet NV
📅 Year of Establishment 2009
🎫 License Curacao Gaming Authority
⚽ Sports Betting Up to 20 types of sports
🎨 Design Traditional
💬 Customer Support Chat, email
💳 Payment Methods Credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies
💰 Min. Deposit 400 PKR
💸 Max. Withdrawal 2,000,000 PKR
📱 Mobile Accessibility Yes
🎰 Casino Yes
🎲 Casino Details Over 550 slot machines, Over 65 tables for card and table games
💲 Min. Bet 50 PKR
🎥 Live Casino Yes

Mostbet Design


The design of the bookmaker website has been retained in a very traditional style. You can see all the betting markets on the left side of the website; however, all of the active wagers can be found in the middle of the page, and all of the information you require on your betting slip can be found on the right. It's cool that you can choose any bet from the available range based on how you want to play. You can filter out the bets within the next 12 hours and choose your favorite team to wager on in your betting account. This can save you a few minutes that would otherwise be spent searching for bets on your favorite team. From what we can tell, Mostbet came up with an excellent solution to this problem.

Within the customer's account is another picture that is quite identical to this one. Even though not everything in your customer account appears appealing, you can easily find all the important items in your account within a few seconds. Everything, including transactions and personal data, has been meticulously categorized, and as a result, it is straightforward to gain access to it. Even mistakes in the translation, which are probably inevitable for a betting supplier that offers their website in 27 different languages, are uncommon and barely draw attention because of how uncommon they are. Mostbet is undoubtedly operating at a high level technically, and it can immediately transition from the deposit page to the betting program or live betting without experiencing lengthy loading times.

However, there is still room for one little critique. Although it is excellent that Mostbet can give its information with nearly no major translation issues, you simply have to be able to offer the general terms and conditions in Pakistan as well. The unfortunate reality is that this is not the situation at this time.

Customer Support


Mostbet does have a customer support department that can assist you in Pakistan. Several advancements have been made in this sector in the past few months. As a result, you can now provide full customer support via live chat or e-mail with staff who speak the popular languages, and Pakistani players might get lucky to find agents who speak Punjabi/Urdu. You can reach them at any time of day or night through the homepage. The icon for the live chat service can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the website. When you click on it, a new window will open up. After a brief pause, during which you will be asked to enter your question/problem, you will be connected to an available customer support agent. Primarily, you will need to be patient because, particularly on the weekends, it may take five minutes to a very long time before staff can assist you.

In any other case, you are free to use the email customer service if you so choose. To accomplish this, click the support contact form and describe your request in detail. The customer support department responds to inquiries within twenty-four hours, and the quality and breadth of their responses delight players in Pakistan. Mostbet FAQ section is also quite informative. Although Mostbet does its best to collect client questions and provide succinct responses to some of them, these questions are only available in English.

Deposits and Withdrawals


Professional bookmakers like Mostbet must provide players with a good selection of payment methods when performing deposit and withdrawal transactions. In an ideal world, they should be able to provide you with various traditional payment alternatives, such as credit cards and bank wire transfers, in addition to convenient and cutting-edge electronic wallets and even cryptocurrencies.

After you have completed the registration process for your betting account and activated it, you will be brought to the finance page in your account, where you can make deposits and withdrawals. You will see that the selection of deposit methods is relatively limited, which is insufficient for the market that speaks Punjabi or Urdu. Mostbet will only accept deposits using quick and noticeably less expensive payment methods like:

  • Mastercard/Visa Credit and Debit cards
  • Perfect Money
  • Easypaisa
  • Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash

These options are available for making deposits, starting at just 400 PKR for certain deposit methods, while the maximum withdrawal is 2,000,000 PKR. You must ensure that all of your information has been validated by uploading a photo ID and that you have already registered your preferred payout method at Mostbet by depositing before you can withdraw. Mostbet also provides its players residing in Pakistan with a selection of local payment methods to make transactions faster and easier.

Mobile App


Using a native app is becoming less common among companies that facilitate sports betting, which has led many companies to switch to providing mobile betting services through websites adapted to HTML5. Surprisingly, this is different from the circumstance with Mostbet. The bookmaker provides three options to keep track of your betting slips and place new bets on the move.

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the revised website. This may be accessed straight away in the browser of your choice, and it appears identical to a normal website. The mobile website also allows for using all deposit and withdrawal methods, as the scope is the same as that of the desktop version. This means that all betting markets are accessible because of our positive experiences with the mobile website here at Mostbet. Visually, the design gives off the impression of being relatively minimal, the loading times are barely perceptible, and it was impossible to identify any significant changes between the various mobile devices.

In addition to the website, an application for Android and iOS may be downloaded in the typical app stores and directly from the modified website in the form of an APK file. Both the standard website and the mobile website provided efficient results. As an illustration, you can sign up and make your initial deposit, all within the same application. In addition, complete customer care is offered, which is not always the case with bookmakers and their mobile betting apps.

Live Betting


Regarding displaying its live bets, Mostbet takes a slightly different approach than its competitors. Even though you are most likely accustomed to having a separate live console at your disposal, the live betting section of Mostbet's website opens up in a split second and is located in the middle of the page. Every live bet that is currently available is presented instantly, so there is no need to stand around and wait. Although it is great in terms of use, the overview and presentation are complicated and too much for the human eye.

You can narrow down your choice of live bets by using the icons in the upper section of the interface. Football, basketball, tennis, and ice hockey are rated substantially higher on this site than other sports. Despite this, Mostbet has successfully offered the most alluring variety of live betting opportunities across various sports. Even less popular sports like badminton have their own unique live betting options. If you are an enormous sports enthusiast and like to watch as many sports as possible during the week, then you should try out Mostbet because it is unquestionably something you will enjoy.

On the other hand, the presentation of the individual events and the additional betting possibilities for each event is a little lacking. Even while the breadth and depth of the additional bets are both presentable and at a high level, regrettably, it is simply not visually appealing. This picture is further reinforced by the presentation of the data for the various games or competitions, which may be found here. Simply put, there is a lack of attention to detail here; nonetheless, both eyes may be pinched because of the speedy loading times. Daily live bets are generally in the high three-digit range, and most live bets are available anytime on the weekend.

Betting Limits


Regrettably, maximum wagers have been an unavoidable component of the betting experience offered by online bookmakers for a considerable amount of time. Companies have spent much time and effort over the past few years working to establish more stringent restrictions and constraints. According to the results of analyses, this is also true for Mostbet.

In the most recent general terms and conditions update, Mostbet included two significant paragraphs addressing betting limitations. This holds for your respective minimum and maximum wager, determined by the maximum profit. Your minimum stake per betting slip must be 50 PKR, which is unquestionably a more affordable option than other bookmakers.

A more significant number of offers


In the course of writing this, we investigated the entirety of the bookmakers' offered services. Mostbet is most known for its very own online casino. However, it does offer sports betting as well. Even though Mostbet Casino cannot provide you with a stand-alone initial deposit bonus, the range of games that can be played, there is still among the best in the industry. The most popular games from software developers like NetEnt, Play'n GO, Microgaming, and Novomatic are among those that have been granted licenses and can be played on personal computers and any mobile device. With over 35 different suppliers and over 550 different slot machines, including some of the most popular slot machines on the scene, the Mostbet Pakistan Casino provides a gaming experience that is on an extremely high level. Not only is the standard of work, but also the quantity is up to par. Despite a huge selection of slots, the technological requirements are similar to the sports betting offer. The responsiveness of the online casino is incredibly high, lacks extra frills, and possesses several beneficial search options and filters that allow users to look for specific games or service providers.

The internal Mostbet Live Casino can make a strong case for itself. Evolution Gaming or Medialive primarily offers individual tables, but you will still discover several highlights unavailable in all online casinos. These highlights include games that cannot be found anywhere else. The picture quality in the Mostbet Live Casino is good, and the dealers are also easy to understand. This is true for practically all of the other games and broadcasts. Differentiated tables with significantly variable minimum stakes have also been established so beginners can easily earn their first experience. This was done so beginners could gain their first experience quickly. At the same time, this guarantees that you will always have healthy occupancy rates at all available tables. Mostbet Casino has over 65 tables for the following card and table games, which properly rounds off the excellent picture that this casino gives:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Keno
  • Casino Hold'em
  • Sic Bo
  • Teen Patti

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Mostbet start operating in Pakistan?

Due to the minimal information that is accessible regarding the origins of the company and its operations, it is unknown when Mostbet first began conducting business in Pakistan. However, Mostbet has been operating in the country for at least a few years now, and the platform is relatively popular among punters who wager on sports in Pakistan.

Is Mostbet legal in Pakistan?

Because Pakistani legislation does not directly address the matter of online sports betting, the legal status of this activity in the country is somewhat murky. However, consumers in Pakistan have access to a wide variety of online sports betting platforms, including Mostbet. Online sports betting is typically seen as a reasonably risk-free and legal activity.

What games can be wagered on using Mostbet?

Bets can be placed on various sports at Mostbet, including American football, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, boxing, and mixed martial arts. The site offers many esports and virtual sports games, including popular titles like FIFA, NBA2K, and Dota 2.

Which languages does the Mostbet website offer its services in?

The website of Mostbet can be accessed in a wide range of tongues, including English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and several others. Additionally, the platform is compatible with several different currencies, making it simple for users worldwide to utilize the website.

How can customers contact Mostbet's customer support in Pakistan?

Customers in Pakistan who use Mostbet can contact the company's customer care team by email or live chat. The customer service department of the platform is, on the whole, very responsive and helpful. They can assist with various concerns, including those about account administration, betting, and more.

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